Do you aspire to become a professional in the world of arts?

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This mentoring programme helps young people to enhance their skills in their plastic arts projects.

Within the scope of the teaching of Plastic Arts and Design, namely in the area of painting associated with photography/image, Clara Afonso has developed, over the years, several projects, with the aim of encouraging and stimulating the importance Visual Arts and related areas, enhancing the creative capacity and exploring the expressiveness through the use of various materials, be they scratching, water-based or of another nature. 

In Contemporary Art, we find many authors, movements and artistic movements, which help us to better understand the most diverse techniques of painting, drawing and photography, without forgetting the new technologies - video, digital photography, image handling - major allies of Design.

We know that the creativity of Visual Arts is a special way of connecting with the environment in any given context, as it promotes and extends its underlying message. 

We also know that plastic creation, when taken for a particular purpose, and expressed as such, is, by itself, a valuable way of communicating with the world. 

To enhance cognitive skills, providing a set of possibilities of the different languages of art, which promote proximity with the creativeness, as well as developing the capacity for expression, sensitiveness and autonomy, with a view to the development and achievement of a final work _ object of art _ is a huge challenge.

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