Multidisciplinary Plastic Artist

Her work is an insight, where painting is combined with photography and image, bringing together different areas of knowledge in the artistic process, which seeks to enhance topics related to the expansion of Global consciousness, allowing a different perspective, a more conscious one, perhaps even the awareness of Spirituality.  

Science teaches us that everything that exists is energy, frequency and vibration.

As careful observers, we find in nature countless movements of light's reflection, often unperceivable to our eye, but noticeable to the delicate touch of the soul's senses.


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Born in Castelo Branco, she started her studies in Lisbon in Textile Arts and Textile Design at Escola António Arroio. She concluded her Bachelor's Degree in Educational Sciences at Universidade do Minho and her Bachelor's Degree in Communication Design at Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa.


My work talks about togetherness and global awareness

 The exhibited art works are reflections of the endless universe, thoughts described in painted and photographed pictures

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