Castelo Branco

Music by Alexandre Mendes

There is a light that never ends …

We find in nature numerous subtle movements in the light reflections, almost unnoticeable to our eyes, but observable to a more careful, more aware eye, I would even say more conscious. These are the many different ways of observing and feeling, determined by sensitiveness, which exist in each and every one of us.

Most of us have been led to believe in a theory based on Newtonian Science. This explains (perhaps) the resistance, that many of us feel to accept or even believe in something that cannot be seen or measured.

Quantum physics supports a very different view.

Science teaches us that everything is energy Science teaches us that everything is energy and information.

Through countless scientific studies, this science presents a new concept, a new look and a new way of thinking.

Science has taught us that everything is energy, as well as the way in which this energy can behave.

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